Doc Walker - "Beautiful Life"

This old house,It's covered in dust
This old house,has seen better days
This old car has turned from red into rust
this old car dreams of the old highway
well this old river it still twist and turns
this old river used to run untamed
this old town well it's heart still burns
this old town it still runs through my veins.

It's been a beautiful life
Oh i've been along for one hell of a ride
even though i may be falling apart whoa it's been a beautiful life

These old shoes they've walked for miles and miles
these old shoes they've walked through life unafraid
this old guitar I got it when I was a child
This old guitar well it still has something to say


all of these eyes have seen laughter and tears
and these eyes have seen something new
this old heart it still has a few more years
This old heart will always love you

(chorus x2)
Such a beautiful life