Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley - "Good Ol' Boys"

Well, I've been (G)kicked out might near every bar around
I've been locked up for drivin' a hundred a twenty through (D7)town
Well I've been (G7)shot at and cut with a knife
For messing (C)around with another man's wife
But other than (G) that we ain't (D7)nothing, Just Good Ol' (G)boys


Good Ol' (C)boys we're all the same ain't no way(G)
we'll ever change mean no harm (A) by the things we do
or the (D7) trouble that we get into
(G7)other than a (C) wild hair once in a while
We can't help (G) it it's just our style(E7)
and (A7)good ol' boys is all (D7) we'll ever be (G)

(G) I threw my boss out a window and got fired from my last job
Hot wired a city truck and turned it over in the mayor's (D7)yard
Well I (G7) beat my brother in law half to death,
I lost (C) twenty bucks on his football bet
But other than (G)that we ain't nothing (D7)
Just good ol (G)boys

(G) I got an alimony payment that's six weeks overdue
I got caught with a truck of bootleg out a state (D7)booze
I hocked (G7) my wife's diamond ring last June
bought(C) me an outboard Evinrude
But other (G)than that we ain't (D7) nothin Just good ol (G)boys