John Penney - "Rode Hard and Put Up Wet Again"

She`s a cowgirl wild and rowdy, I`m a shouting,
Boy Howdy! Just laid back wishing
I could hold her in my arms.
Well, she don`t cotton to silk dresses
and if you ask her she confesses,
that she likes her men
just a little on the country side.
I`m about as country as you can get,
even though my hair covers up my redneck,
I work a forty hour week and I
like my Miller Lite.
And every Saturday Night I see her,
she`s got that West Texas Fever,
Two-step dancing to a souped-up
Cotton-eyed Joe.


I`m just and ole Georgia Boy with my redneck cowboy ways,
Oh, but I like that woman who hails from the Lone Star State.
And her eyes are as big as Texas shining just like the Rio Grande.
Looks like I been Rode Hard and Put Up Wet Again.


Every time I close my eyes she goes waltzing across
my mind, and its three more
days until one more Saturday night.
But doncha know I aint getting
Any closer than her hand on my shoulder,
All this cowgirl wants is to dance the night away.

Chorus, end