whitey and hogan - "old saddle horse is missing-crd"


Subject: RESEND: My Old Saddle Horse Is Missing

My Old Saddle Horse Is Missing
Recorded by: Whitey & Hogan

[1] My old saddle [6-7] horse is [2-7] missin'
From [5-7] down in the old cor-[1]-ral
But I know he is [6-7] happy up [2-7] there right now
For his [5-7] new Master made his [1] call

It [5-7] won't be long til I'm [1] ready
To join you up there, old [5-7] pal
My [1] feet are growing [1-7] tired and I'm [4] weary
And I [5-7] miss you from the old [1] corral

I wonder if old Paint went to heaven
Up there where the good dogies go
Or does the Master have a place that's different
For that old pal I loved so


Note. This submission is the work of K5UYB and ZOOMER.