white bryan - "look at me now-crd"


Subject: look at me now Bryan White

Look at me Now
bryan white

(G2)here you are in the back of my mind again
dont guess its gonna get any better,is your memory
ever gonna end or does it go on forever(Asus)

(D)i was the one(G2)when you left(A)town said id
get along some(D)how didnt take (G2)long to find out
(A)that i was wrong

N.C look at me (E)now nothin but a (A)whole lot of
time(E/G#)on my hands(A)look at me (E)now thought
i wouldnt(A)need you now i(E/G#)understand(A)
(C)you said i was(G/B)never gonna learn(Bm7)look
at me now.

i was so busy lookin out for myself,i know i must
have took you for granted,,,didnt want to make room
for someone els didnt know love when i had it

you were the one who set me free but you can lay
the blame on me come my way and youll see that i have
(A)callin (E/G#)your name(A)in the(E/G#)quiet of the
night seein (E/G#)your face (A)every(E/G#)time i close
my eyes its(Am7)always the same(C)i keep(G/B)hoping
that you might(Am)look at me (Ammaj7)now

(E)standin here(A)holdin my heart(E/G#)in my hands
(A)look at me(E)now wishin id(A)told you we could(E/G#)
still start again(A)(C)what id(G/B)give if youd turn
(Bm7)and look at me now
(G2)here you are in the back of my mind again

someone had requested this song so here it is
im still tryin to find "from where im sittin"
by gary alan can anyone help?i would love to know
that song