williams hank - "countrified-crd"


Subject: Song, "Countrified"

This is the work of Tim Ausburn. File under Hank Williams. Written by Hank
but recorded by "Big Bill" Lister, 4-24-1951, using The Drifting Cowboys

Key C Writer, Hank Williams

(C) Now most folks think I'm countrified,
And brother they're shore (F) right,
'Cause I learned to walk be-(C) hind a mule,
And (D7) read by kerosene (G7) light,
(C) Some folks even call us fools,
And make fun of our (F) ways,
'Cause we hang gourds on (C) our fence posts,
To (G7) keep up with the (C) days.

I'm proud to be called countrified,
Makes me happy as can be,
And friend I'm here to tell you now,
There'll be no change in me,
We work our land the whole week long,
But when Sair'day rolls around,
There ain't no keepin' us on the farm,
That's when country goes to town.

Now country ham and turnip greens,
That's somethin' fit to eat,
And I just don't feel comfortable,
'Less I'm ridin' on a wagon seat,
God gave me land to make my bread,
And air to breath so free,
Go on and call me countrified,
You shore ain't slanderin' me.

Just one thing more I'll be forced to say,
Before I head for home,
I'm proud to be a country man,
'Cause that's where I belong,
And if I treat my neighbor right
And to my God I'm true,
There's one thing that I shurely know,
I'll get to Heaven just as quick as you.

Repeat verse two: