Hank Williams, Jr. - "Queen of My Heart"

Written by: Hank Williams, Jr.


A / / 2 / / 3 / / 4 /
I just wanted to tell you what I think about you
E / / E7 / /
& I don't wanna leave out some important part
You know I love you & can't live without you
E7 A
& you know that you are the queen of my heart

Verse 2:
I've had ladies of passion & women of beauty
But you're the only girl I've opened up to
& I closed up tight when you left for another
& that's the part I've never gotten used to

& the Queen's still in England
& the King's still in Spain
A E E7
& my love for you is still just the same
A A7 D - - Dm - -
You know that I want you till death do us part
A E7 A
& you know that you are the queen of my heart

Verse 3:
If you get this letter, please let me know somethin':
Are you comin' back, or is it all through?
Hey, just tell me yes or no, don't keep me hangin'
'Cause that's the part I could never get used to

Bridge 2:
& the Queen is in England
& the King is in Spain
& all the King's horses & all the Queen's men
Could never do nothin' to keep us apart
If you'll just come back to me, Queen of My Heart

E7 A
I'm tellin' you, you are the queen of my heart