wills mark - "i do cherish you-crd"


Subject: "I Do, Cherish you", by Mark Wills

song: I do, Cherish you
by: Mark Wills
intro: G9 Em C D (G9-3xx2x3) (D7sus-xxx213)

All I(G9)am, all I'll(Am)be every(D)thing in this world

all I'll ever need, is in your(G9)eyes shining on(Em)me,

When you(D)smile I can feel all my passions unfolding,

(C)Your head brushes(G9)mine, and(Am)a thousand sensations,

(C)suduces me cause(D)I,


I(G9)do, cherish(Em)you, for the(C)rest of my life,

You don't(D)have to think twice,

I(G9)will, love you(Em)still, from the(C)depths of my soul,

it's(D)beyond my control,

I've waited(Em)so long to say this to(D/F#)you,

If you're(C)askin' do I love you this(D7sus)much,

I(G9)do. Em C D

In my world(G9)before(Am)you, I lived out(D)side my emotions,

didn't know where I was goin', til that(G9)day,

I found(Am)you how you(D)opened my eyes, to a new paradise,

(C)In a world full of(G9)change, Still with(Am)all my heart,

Till(C) my dying (G9)day,

REPEAT CHORUS:play this for the ending after, (D7sus)much,

Yes, I(G9)do-(Em)ooo__, if You're(C)askin' do I love you

this(D7sus)much, I(G9)do.OH, I (Em) do, (C) (D) (G9) (G)