Tammy Wynette - "Two Story House" (Chords)



Two Story House
Tammy Wynette & George Jones
(T. Wynette, G. Tubb, D. Lindsey)

[1] We always wanted
A [5] big two story [1] house
Back when we lived in
That [5] little two room [1] shack
We wanted fame and fortune
And we'd live life the way the rich folks [4] do
We [1] knew some how we'd make it
To-[5]-gether me and [1] you

[1] With dreams and hope of things to come
We [5] worked and never [1] stopped
Not much time for you and me
We [5] had to reach the [1] top
We bought that big two story house
And soon became the envy of the [4] town
With [1] all our work behind us
We'd [5] finally settle [1] down

[1] Now we live (yes we live)
In a [4] two story [5] house
Oh, what [1] splendor
But there's [4] no love a-[5]-bout
[1] I've got my [5-7] story
And [1-7] I've got mine, [4] too
How sad it [1] is [4] we now [1] live
In a [5] two story [1] house

CHANGE KEY: [same chord pattern as above]

The house is filled with rare antiques
There's marble on the floor
Beauty all around us
Like we've never seen before
There's chandeliers in every room
Imported silks and satin all about
We filled the house with everything
But somehow left love out


How sad it [1] is [4] we now [1] live In a [5] two story [1] house

Note. This submission by ZOOMER & K5UYB.