Desert Rose Band - "Hello Trouble (CRD)"

Written by Eddie McDuff and Orville Couch

[D] Woke up this mornin'
[G] Happy as could [D] be
I looked out my [A] window
What did I [D] see
Walkin' up my sidewalk
[G] Just as plain as [D] day
Here comes trouble that I never thought I'd [A] see
When she went a-[D] way.

Hello [G] trouble
Come on [D] in
Talk about [A] heartaches
Where in the world you [D] been
Well, I ain't had the miseries
[G] Since you been [D] gone
Hello [G] trouble, trouble, [D] trouble
[A] Welcome [D] home.

Well, I'll make a pot of coffee
And let you rest your shoes
You can tell those sweet lies
And I'll listen to you
'Cause I'm just a little part of
The life you live
But I'd rather have a little bit of trouble
Than to never know the love you give.


| Submitted by: Gene Graham |
| [email protected] El Paso, Texas |