stone doug - "i never knew love-crd"


Subject: I never knew love by Doug Stone

subject: I never knew love by: Doug Stone
repeat chorus after each verse.

Intro: G Bm7 Em7 G7 C(2) D C/G G C/G

1.(G)I never knew the(D)power of a (Em7)song,
2. I never understood the meaning of home,

1.(G/D)till I(C)heard the music play(D)in'
2. till I pulled into that old dirt drive

1.the day(C/G)momma passed (G) on.(C/G)
2.after being gone too long.

1.(G)Never knew what(D)innocence was a(Em7)bout.
2.I didn't know what serenity really was__.
3.I never knew what beauty could be-hold__.

1.(G7)till the(C)first time I laid eyes(D)on
2.till I stopped one day to listen to
3.till you looked at me and I could see

1.the face of a(C/G)new born(G)child__
2.that river gently run.__
3.forever unfold__, (C/G)oh, you made me(G)whole__.


(G)I(D/F#)never knew(Em7), (Am)no(G/B)I mean(C)real love.

(G)I(D/F#)never knew(Em)that kind of(A7sus)love__

(Am7)till this(D)moment with you, (C/G) (G) (C/G) (G)

Bridge: after the 2nd verse,

(C)I've known the hun(D)ger before tonight(G)for(G/B)other loves_

(C)I felt the yearn(D)ing I felt the fire(Em7),

(G)in(Am7)their(G/B)touch, (C)but this goes deep(D/C)er

than any(Bm7)thing I've ever known(Em),

(G/A)beyond my(A)heart, (Am7)clear down to(G/B)my(C)soul(D)

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