George Strait - "A Real Good Place To Start"

Transcribed: Eric Scoretz

intro- D G
Still (D)reeling from a relationship
That (G)left me torn in two
(D)Trying to find, that first step
That (G)leads to someone new
(A)Gettin me back togeth(D)er
I didn't (G)know it could (D)be so hard(Em7 or Em??)

But if I'm ever gonna a mend(D),
This broken heart.(G)
You look like a (A7)real good place to start(D)
(Bm) I need a new be(A)gin(G)ning
And (A)girl you fit right in(D)
(Bm)Sometimes a new be(A)gin(G)ning
Is (Em?)found in an ole friend(A)
But If (Em?)I'm ever gonna a mend(F#m)
This broken heart (G)
You look like a (A) real good place to start (D)

(same chords as above)
There've been times, when you and him
Just couldn't get along.
I'd hear your knock, then let you in
Be your shoulder to cry on.
Now he's finally left you
I find you in my arms

(play chorus)
(play last 3 lines of chorus)

Outro-- D Bm A G D

Hail To King George Ya'll