peterson michael - "too good to be true-crd"


Subject: To good to be true by: Michael Peterson

subject: Too good to be true
by: Michael Peterson
--if anyone knows the little riffs feel free to send them---

You were(A)all she ever wanted

that was(E)once a pond a time,

she was all you ever needed,

that's what(A)makes it such a crime,

Now you took her heart for granted

and you(E)thru her love away,

Now you still don't understand it

if you did you'd never say(E),


It was(A)too good to be true

what did you expect a girl

as(E)good as her to do,

What do you(A)think would make that woman go,

(A7)find somebody new(Adim),

she's not(A)to good to be true,

She's just to good to be(E)true to you(A),

Just(A)because she never said so,

doesn't(E)mean she didn't see,

ever time you stole an apple off,

some(A)body elses tree,

late last night that lipstick letter

she left(E)on the bedroom door,

said you don't get it,(E)STOP

and you ain't gonna get it, anymore(E7)(E)