restless heart - "till i loved you-crd"


Subject: Til I loved you By Restless Heart LYRICS

Til I loved you By Restless Heart LYRICS

Til,I loved you.. I didn't know the meaning of the word

I was only taking ,giving nothing in return

My life was an empty page

Less then an even trade

Til,I loved you..My heart was an island

Until it sailed...

I thought I needed no one

Til I looked into your eyes

I knew it all right then

I saw what a fool I've been

Til I loved you...

I didn't know what I was missing

Til' I loved you....

Don't mean that dreamers

Don't need wings to fly

Til I loved you..

I had never tasted tears of joys

When I take you in my arms

Theres no doubt in my mind

This is where I belong

The loneliness is gone

I was living my life for home..

Til I loved you..