rice tony - "old train-crd"


Subject: Song submission: Tony Rice "Old Train"

"Old Train"
As played by Tony Rice
From the album Manzanita

*Capo 3rd Fret

(D) (C) (G) (A)
Old train, I can hear your whistle blow
(G) (A) (D)
and I won't, be jumping on again.
(D) (C) (G) (A)
Old train, I've been everywhere ya go
(G) (A) (D)
and I know, what lies beyond each bend.


(G) (A) (G) (A) (D)
Old train each time you pass, you're older than the last
(A) (E) (A)
And it seems, I'm to old for running.
(G) (A) (G) (A) (D)
I hear your rusty wheels scrape against the rail
(A) (G)
they cry with every mile, and I think I'll stay awhile.

Old train, I grow weary after miles
and I miss, the freedom that was mine.
Old train, just to think about those times
I'll smile, when your high balling by.