robbins marty - "dont worry about me-crd"


Subject: Song: Don't Worry - Marty Robbins

SONG: Don't Worry
Words & music by: Marty Robbins
Transcription: K. Warner

1. Don't wor-ry 'bout [C]me___ it's all o-ver [F]now,___
Though I may be [C]blue,___ I'll man-age some-[G7]how.___
Love can't be ex-[C]plained,___ it [C7]can't be con-[F]trolled,___
One day it's [C]warm,___ [G7]next day it's [C]cool.___
Don't pity [F]me___ 'cause I'm feel-ing [C]blue,___
Don't be a-[G7]shamed,___ it might hap-pen to [C]you.___
Oh, oh, oh, [F]oh,___ Oh love, kiss me one [C]time,___
then go, love, I'll un-der-[G7]stand,___
Don't wor-ry 'bout [C]me.

2. Sweet, sweet, sweet [C]love,___ I want you to [F]be,___
As happy as [C]I,___ when you loved [G7]me.___
I'll nev-er for-[C]get,___ your [C7]sweet mem-o-[F]ry.___
It's all over [C]now,___ don't [G7]wor-ry 'bout [C]me.___
When one heart [F]tells___ one heart good-[C]bye,___
One heart is [G7]free,___ one heart will [C]cry.___
Oh, oh, oh, [F]oh,___ Oh sweet, sweet ba-by [C]sweet,___
ba-by sweet, it's all-[G7]right,___
Don't wor-ry 'bout [C]me.