robbins marty - "carmen-lyr"

CARMEN by Marty Robbins

Tonight I am aching,my body is shaking
Tonight Carmen's coming back home
Tonight they'll be no room for tears in our bedroom
Tonight Carmen's coming back home

Tonight as I stand here I notice my hand here
is trembling like never before
My feelings I can't hide,resistance has all died
My pride will rush outside
The moment she walks through the door

The lips that have kissed her ,that's loved her and missed her
Are lips that has cursed her at night
In anguish and torment,I cursed as the night went
From darkness to dawns golden light
I thought of just taking there two hands and breaking
The body I'm wanting to touch
I find while I'm waiting,there's no time for hating
While anticipating,the woman I've wanted so much

I've placed pretty flowers to brighten the hours
I placed brand new sheets on the bed
I'm nervous,I'm trembling,recalling remembering
The way that she tosses her head

I've given much thought to the fact that I ought to
have more control over my life
How can I hide it,how can I deny it,there's no way to hide it
The love that I have for my wife