robbins marty - "ballad of the alamo-crd"


Subject: Ballad of the Alamo (Marty Robbins)
Album: Marty Robbins No. 1 Cowboy
Written by: Unknown

Ballad of the Alamo (Marty Robbins) Lyrics submitted by Mike Poppell on 11-16-00.

This is my first internet posting. I was diligent to get most of the chord changes in.

Capo the first fret and play in Dm

[Dm] In the southern part of Texas, in the [C] town of San Antone

There's a [Dm] fortress all in ruins, that the weeds have overgrown

[Dm] You may look in vain for crosses and you'll [C] never see a one

But [Dm] sometimes between the setting and the [C] rising of the [F] sun

You can [C] hear a ghostly [F] bugle, as the [C] men go marchin' [F] by

You can [C] hear them as they [Dm] answer to the roll call in the sky

[C] Colonel Travis, [F] Davy Crockett, [C] and a hundred [F] eighty more

[E7] Captain Dickinson, [A7] Jim Bowie, [E7] present and [A7] accounted for

[Dm] Back in eighteen thirty-six, Houston said to Travis

[Dm] Get some volunteers [C] and go, [Dm] fortify the Alamo

Well the [F] men came from Texas and from ol' Tennes [C] see

And they [F] joined up with [C] Travis, just to [F] fight for the [C] right to be [A7] free

[Dm] Indian scouts with squirrel guns, men with muzzle loaders

[Dm] Stood together heel [C] and toe, [Dm] to defend the Alamo

You may [F] ne'er see your loved ones, Travis told them that [C] day

Those who [F] want to can [C] leave now, those who'll [F] fight to the [C] death, let 'em [A7] stay

[Dm] In the sand he drew a line, with his army saber

[Dm] Out of a hundred and eighty- [C] five, [Dm] not a soul to cross the line

With his [F] banners a [Dm] dancin', in the [F] dawn's golden [C] light

Santa [F] Anna came [C] prancin', on a [F] horse that was [C] black as the [A7] night

[Dm] Sent an officer to tell Travis to surrender

[Dm] Travis answered with a [C] shell, and a [Dm] rousin' rebel yell

Santa [F] Anna turned [Dm] scarlet, "Play [F] Deguello" he [C] roared

I will [F] show them no [C] quarter, every [F] one will be [C] put to the [A7] sword

[Dm] One hundred and eighty-five, holdin' back five thousand

[Dm] Five days, six days, eight days, [C] ten, [Dm] Travis held and held again

Then he [F] sent for [Dm] replacements, for his [F] wounded and [C] lame

But the [F] troops that were [C] comin', never [F] came, never [C] came, never [A7]

[Dm] Twice he charged and blew recall, on the fatal third time

[Dm] Santa Anna breached [C] the wall, [Dm] and he killed them one and all

Now the [F] bugles are [Dm] silent, and there's [F] rust on each [C] sword

And the [Dm] small band of [C] soldiers, [silent F] lie asleep in the arms of the Lord

[Dm] (bridge...break)

[Dm] In the southern part of Texas, near the [C] town of San Antone

Like a [Dm] statue on his pinto, [Dm] rides a cowboy all alone

[Dm] And he sees the cattle grazin', where a [C] century before

Santa [Dm] Anna's guns were blazin', and the [C] cannon used to [F] roar

And his [C] eyes turn sorta [F] misty as his [C] heart begins to [F] glow

And he [C] takes his hat off [Dm] the men of Alamo

To the [silent C] thirteen days of [silent Dm] the siege of Alamo [Dm]