Marty Robbins - "All Aound Cowboy"


Subject: All around cowboy 3/4 Marty Robbins

(G) Well all around cowboy I've won it six years in a (D) row
All around cowboy means champ of the big (G) rodeo
I've made me some money, I've had me some good times
The falls that I've had have been (C) few
Till the all (D) around queen made the all around cowboy look (D7) like an
all around (G) fool

I was the cowboy who said he would never be (D) roped
I even bragged how I'd never be branded or (G) broke
I was doin quite well, till a blonde little filly
Rode into my life like a (C) dream
And (D) the all around cowboy fell head over heels in (D7) love with the
rodeo (G) queen

The (C) moment I looked in her blue eyes I knew I was (D) gone
I (C) tried to hide them but the feelings I had were to (D7) strong
She (G) showed the world what an all around cowboy could (C) do
She (D) showed the world how an all around cowboy could look (D7) like an
all around (G) fool

She made you feel like a horse without any (D) fire
To late I realized breaking me was her (G) desire
She rode me and raked me with spurs that lessoned the (C) hurt
She (D) left me broken and she left me cryin out (D7) there in the rodeo (G)