Micky Newbury - "them old songs-lyr"


Subject: Mickey Newbury Lyrics to "Them Ol' Songs"

Doggone my soul, how I love them ol' songs
'Cause they were a comfort to me when I was alone
The dancin' stops, but the music goes on
Doggone my soul, how I love them ol' songs

Ah, when I hear that double eagle guitar
It makes me think how trouble free, girl we are
There was a time when I spent my nights in a bar
Playin' that ol' juke box until the honky tonk got locked up

Doggone my mind, it just won't leave me alone
Keeps on remindin' me I'm so far from home
Them heart breakin' achin' eggs and bacon country songs
Well, they take me back to hardwood floors,
Outdoor johns, mason jars

It's all I can do to believe that it's gone
That hard knockin' rock and rollin' life that I've known
But the dancin's all over, the music just goes on,
Doggone my soul, how I love them old songs.

This was transcribed from an old tape off a record. What a shock to hear
ol' Mickey's gone