marchman houston - "vietnashville-crd"

Subject: Viet Nashville by Houston Marchman

All fans of Nashville music should at least read the lyrics
Very simple chord progression


by Houston Marchman

I was [G] just 22 when I hit the road
[C] Searching for truth, passion, and gold
I [G] had an old 6-string, beat up and cracked
[C] Hitched all they way and I wasn't coming back
from [G] Nashville , Viet [C] Nashville

I hit town in the middle of the night
Walked 16th, stared at the light
My sould was on fire, passion it rose
I had a young man's dream but I was an old man's fool
in Nashville, VietNashville

[G] Gotta little harder there every [D] day
[G] Texas got farther and [D] farther away
from Viet [G] Nashville, yeah Viet [C] Nashville

Well I started pushing my songs and knocking on doors
Most everyday I felt more like a whore
A man said, "son, son you gotta write
For an 8th grade level divorced housewife
in Nashville," VietNashville

He said, "It's about money boy, money in the bank
Country ain's into no existential angst
Write for the cash, not for the soul."
Right then I knew man I's bound to roll
Outta Nashville, VietNashville

VietNashville, VietNashville

Yeah, I found me this friend, I called him ponytailed Johnny
Had hair to his ass, the pot made him melancholy
Got us in this gig down on lower Broadway
He told us bout a joint man, they never could pay
Us in nashville, VietNashville

We'd play em our songs, we;d play em some covers
Their favorite tune was "Redneck Mother"
We got fired one night down in (?) 4th set (?)
To get out alive, I'd've lost that bet
This big biker chick, she grabbed Johnny's hair
Never seen a woman get hit by a chair
Hell, 'cept nashville, VietNashville

Ten years later in the middle of the night
Skipped out of town, but I was feelin' alright
Nashville, I owe you a lesson in life
Stand up for yourself and what you thinks right
Play what you feel play it straight up
If you don't hear a sing man I don't give a fuck
about Nashville, VietNashville
VietNashville, VietNashville