marchman houston - "tryin for home-crd"


Subject: tryin for home-houston marchman

'Tryin for Home'
Houston Marchman
Album 'Tryin for Home'
Chords by Clay Hinds and Scott Steinocher

Capo 3

D Em G A

Mama said its[D]up in the[Em]air junior[G]birdman[A]
Find your[D]angel she[Em]waits in them[G]clouds[A]
But[D]love ain't[Em]forgivin mom with these[G]honky-tonk[A]women
My[D]wings man they're[Em]failin me[G]now[A]
I use[D]whiskey to[Em]keep me from[G]cryin[A]
For all them[D]backhanded[Em]lessons I've[G]learned[A]
I use the[D]highway to[Em]keep me from[G]dyin[A]
Cause I feel[D]safe and[Em]sound as them[G]big wheels[A]turn


[G]Turn up the lights on the[D]runway
Man I'm[G]spiralin out of[D]control
Hell I got a[D]dead navi[Em]gator man I'm just a[G]tired avi[A]ator
And I'm[G]lonesome and[A]tryin for[D]home


I saw you there in terlingua
I held you in sweet New Orleans sweet New Orleans
Just long enough to know lonesome
Then to lie down with a difference in between
Baby would you come to me this evenin
Would you hold me with sweet lover's dreams
Love forgot the promise of the moment
If I'd unload these dreams they don't mean a thing