mcbride martina - "broken wing-crd"


Subject: "Broken Wing" by "Martina McBride"

Broken Wing
Martina McBride
Album: Evolution
Label: RCA/BMG Nashville
Written by: J.House,S.Hogan & P.Barnhart

Broken Wing

Intro- B D A E7

(B) She loved him like he was
(D) The last man on earth
(A) Gave him everything she had (E7)
(B) He'd break her spirit down
(D) Then come lovin' up on her
(A) Give a little, take it back (E7)
(B) She'd tell him 'bout her dreams
(D) He'd shoot 'em down
(A) Lord, he loved to make her cry (E7)
(B) "You're crazy for believ'in"
(D) "You'll ever leave the ground"
(A) He said, "Only Angels know how to fly" (E7)

(B) And with a Broken Wing
(D) She still sings
(A) She keeps an eye on the sky (E7)
(B) With a Broken Wing
(D) She carried her dreams
(A) Man, you oughta see her fly (E7)

instrumental- B D A E7

(B) One Sunday morning
(D) She didn't go to Church
(A) He wondered why she didn't leave (E7)
(B) He went up to the bedroom
(D) Found a note by the window
(A) With the curtains blowin' in the breeze (E7)

[play chorus]

(B) With a Broken Wing
(D)She carries her dreams
[Martina solo begins]
(A one strum )Man you (E7 one strum)
oughta see her fly
(B) With a Broken Wing

D A E7 B(fade)

None of us know exactly what Heaven
looks like. But those of us who have
ever heard Martina McBride sing....
know exactly what Heaven sounds like.