Charly McClain - "Sentimental 'Ol You"


Subject: Re: Sentimental ol You

This may not be "correct!" But it's the way I do it.


(A) Who sends me flowers (E)for no reason at all
(D) Who saves each (E) card I've ever (A) sent
Who remembers (A7) everything about the (D) day (F#) we (Bm) met
If you're (D) wonderin (E) who, it's sentimental ol (D) you

CH: (A) sentimental old you, I love you, just the (E) way you are
Sentimental you, I need you, like the (D) night time (E) needs the (A) stars
You're the kind of (A7) dreamer, that dreams (D) big e- (F#) nough for (Bm)two
And (D) whatever you (E) do, don't change, sentimental old (A) you.

(A) Who cries at the movies, (E) thinking I don't see.
(D) Who laughs the (E) loudest at the old car- (A) toons
Who complains that (A7) Christmas comes (D) way (F#) too (Bm) soon
If you're (D) wonderin' (E) who, it's sentimental old (D) you