mccoy jason - "this used to be our town-crd"


Subject: This Used to be Our Town by Jason McCoy

This guy is great in concert if you ever get the chance to see him

Lyrics and Transcription by Dan Trepanier
Jason McCoy Jason McCoy

Drivin' by the drive in movies [D A G A]
Started thinkin' 'bout me and Suzie [D A G A]
And how we used to spend those Saturday nights[D A G][DAGA]
Later on we'd be out cruisin' [D A G A]
Dashboard drummin' to our favorite music.[D A G A]
Kissin' on the porch till her mama flashed the light[D A G A Asus]
We had the world in the palm of our hands[G D A]
I guess fate had other plans [G D G A]

This used to be our town [D A G A]
There wasn't a back road we hadn't been down[D A G A]
This used to be our town [D A G A]
Every inch is still sacred ground [D A G A]
Now I'm driving these streets and her sweet memory[G D A]
still makes my heart pound [G D A]
This used to be our town


Suzie cried the day that I left for college[D A G A]
Didn't' give a damn about higher knowledge[D A G A]
All she really wanted was a family [D A G][D A G A]
When I got back there was nothin' I could do[D A G A]
Her first baby was almost two [D A G A]
I guess she's doin' fine without me [D A G A Asus A]
Now something's change and something's don't[G D A]
Something's wait and something's won't [G D G A]