Mindy McCready - "Guys Do It All The Time (CRD)"

Subject: Guys do it all the time by Mindy McCready
Album: Ten Thousand Angels
Written by: Bobby Whiteside/Kim Tribble
Note: Thanks to Marvin Potts, Dan Nicholas, and Darragh Egan for all their
help in gettng the correct lyrics to this song. Cowpie people are great,
aren't they?

Guys Do It All The Time Mindy McCready

Intro (The Essence of what they play ;-] ) Listen to the record for the
Got in this morning at 4 am and you're as mad as you can be
Well I was drinking and talking and you know how that goes time just slipped
away from me
By the time I knew what time it was it was to late to call home
C Dm G7
Stop carrying on, acting like child. I wasn't doing anything wrong


Bb C F C
Guys do it all the time and you expect us to understand
Bb C Bb G
When the shoe is on the other foot you know that's when it hits the fan
Get over it, honey, life's a two way street or you won't be a man of mine

G Bb C
So I had beers with the girls last night Guys do it all the time

repeat Intro
I know I left my clothes all over the place and I took your twenty bucks
No I didn't get the front yard cut cause I had to wash my truck
Will you bring me a cold one baby turn on the tv
C Dm G7
we'll talk about this later there's a ball game I want to see.

go to chorus

You look like you just took a long look in the mirror
F F#-G
Tell me, baby, if things don't look a whole lot clearer oooooo

lead, repeat chorus, go to ending

Note: F#-G means to slide from F# to the G

Bb C Bb C
Yeah, Guys do it Yeah, guys do it all the time all the time
Yeah, Guys do it Yeah, guys do it