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Subject: Blue Boy

Blue Boy -- By John Fogerty (Blue Boy Album)

Recorded in E

(Whole Verse in E)

[E] Way back in the hills there's a place I know
People come from miles around just to watch ol' Dooley do the show


[B7] Oooh let the [A] Blue Boy [E] play 2x (repeat line)
He gonna rede the mules, gonna chase 'em too
Pullin' on-a, pullin on-a, pullin on-a pony -- he go . . . (lead line)

Soon's the sun go down, that's when the fun begins
Hitch up your wagon down the track up to the roadhouse and come on in


Sheriff say it's late, it's closin' time we gotta go
but Doolie he don't wanna quit, Ain't nobody feel like goin' home