misc - "blackbirds and the crows-lyr"


Subject: Blackbirds and the crows lyrics(nashville bluegrass band)

I do this in 3 chords. But i play it a little bluesier, and not so much
blue grass.


nashville bluegrass band

Eva was a fast thang, most everybody knew

wile other girls were running wild, Eva flew

her life was the fast lane, but it soon began show

so i begged her w/ me to go, to a little home here in Idaho,

with the Blackbirds and the Crows

one year we were happy, tried to keep our lives on track

while i was looking to the future, Eva was lookin back

she said she missed her old life, she was truthful i suppose

but the truth was she could never leave, thruth was all the nights i greive

if i ever had to let her go.


blackbird sat on a fence line

crow flew through the sky

I whispered low into Eva's ear

eva your gonna die.........

she's a half a mile out and a quarter across

beneath those wheat field rows

and no on knows who put her there

'cept the blackbirds and the crows

folks come by and we sit around

and i tellem how she's gone

i tellem how she packed her bags and

wrecked our happy home

oh i tellem she down in atlanta,

doin cocaine god only knows

but eva's not gone she's here w/ me

right here where she'll always be

w/ the blackbirds and the crows

repeat chorus and fade