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Subject: Beat-Up Ford by Jack Ingram

Beat-Up Ford

Written and Recorded by Jack Ingram

FYI...When Jack appeared on Austin City Limits earlier this year, I saw that
he used a Csus2 chord in this song instead of a C, as I have shown...

[G] [D] [C] [C] (x4) ("strum through" the G to D transition to get the same
effect as on the recording)

[G] A young man [D] driving down a [C] dusty road [C]
[G] Like he's [D] got somewhere to [C] go [C]
[G] Driving like he's [D] got a desti-[C]nation [C]
Like he's [G] got somewhere to [D] go in that beat-up [C] Ford. [C]
[G] See, there was a [D] time when he was a [C] young lost soul [C]
He was [G] chasing [D] butterflies and [C] rainbows [C]
[G] Til one [D] day when he found his [C] pot of gold [C]
And the [G] words of a [D] young man who turned [C] old [C].

The old man [G] said,
"You've gotta have a [D] good imagi[C]nation [C],
[G]If you're gonna [D] live the life of [C] old", [C]
He said, "you [G] got to drive that [D] Ford like it's a [C] stallion, [C]
And you [G] got to wear your [D] heart just like a [C] gun."[C]
The old man [G]sa-[D]-[C]-id [C],
The old man [G]sa-[D]-[C]-id [C].

[G] The boy walked [D] out with a new-found [C] hero [C],
Yeah, the [G] boy, well he [D] walked away a [C] man [C],
And he [G] said to him-[D]self that dusty [C]day way down in [C] Texas,
Well, I'm [G] never gonna [D] walk this path [C] again [C].

Repeat chorus, then
[G][D][C][C] (x2)

[G] The boy walked [D] out he was dreaming of [C] wild times [C],
When [G] old cowboys, [D] they broke down [C] cattle lines. [C]
But [G] now all those [D] fields are all but [C] gone [C],
His [G] heart's still free [D] and he rides [C] on...[C]

The old man [G] sa-[D]-[C]-id [C]
The old man [G] sa-[D]-[C]-id [C]
The old man [G] sa-[D]-[C]-id [C]
The old man [G] sa-[D]-[C]-id [C]
The old man [G (big strum)] said.