misc - "a c r-lyr"

ACR by Stompin' Tom Conners

She's on a bar hoppin' spree,back in Sault St Marie
Because of me,she's now a fallen star
She could have been true but I left her in the zoo
And I travelled north along the ACR

Well lets go home or be a roamer
I've made up my mind
So take me home tonight Algoma
Central 69

I was working one day when I heard this fellow say
He met my girl while drinking in a bar
Though we fought between us then
He swore that it was true
Now I curse the day I rode the ACR

Repeat Chorus

Oh it might be in vane,here I wait for the train
I hope it's not to late to right the wrong
When she rolls 'round the bend,we'll be south bound again
Come on old ACR,let's move along

Repeat Chorus