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Subject: At This Moment

At This Moment
Billy Vera & The Beaters

Cm7 Am Bb F/A Gm7 Bb/C

F Am/E
What did you think I would do at this mo-ment, when you're
What did you think I would say at this mo-ment, when I'm

A0/Eb Dsus4 D
stand - in' be-fore me with tears in your eyes,__________ tryin'
faced with the knowl-edge that you just don't love__me?____ Did you

Gm7 C Gm7 C Gm7
tell me that you___ have found you an - oth - er and}
Think I would curse you or say things to hurt you 'cause} you just

C [1. F Fmaj7/A Bb F/A Gm7 Bb/C
love me___ no More?___

[2. F Dm7 Am7 Bb
more?___ Did you think I___ could hate you or raise my hands___

F Gm7 C F
to you? Now come on, you know me too well

Dm7 Am7 Bb F
How could I hurt you when, dar - lin', I love you? and you

Bb/C C F
I'd nev-er hurt you.________ Oh, _____________ what do you

Am/E A0/Eb
think__ I would give at this mo-ment If you'd stay I'd sub-tract

D Gm7 C
years__ from my life.__ I'd fall down on my knees,__ kiss the ground
that you

C Gm7 C (Tacet) F
walk on, if I could just hold you a - gain

*****Submitted by Patrick Naylor