montana patsy - "sixteen pounds-lyr"



Patsy Montana

Note. See Cowpie Corral data base for chords to Original Sixteen Tons.

Some men say a woman is made from a rib
With a heart that is black, a tongue that is glib
You work and you sweat down to your bones
They say a woman's place is the home.

You wash sixteen pounds of dirty old clothes
You work and you sweat down to your toes
Your husband comes home and whadda ya get
"How come my dinner aint ready yet?"

It's up in the mornin' at a quarter-to-six
It's five or six breakfasts that you gotta fix
You gotta do the ironin' and mop up the floor
You never get thru till a quarter-to-four.

You get sixteen bucks for to run the house
>From your ever so sweet and lovin' spouse
St. Peter dont call me, you're outta luck
I owe my soul to Sears & Roebucks.

I was married one mornin', it was drizzlin' rain
I gave him my love and he gave me his name
That's all he ever give me, 'cept a couple of things
A whole bunch of kids and a two-dollar ring.

You buy sixteen pounds of black eyed peas
A dollar's worth of (Gold*), a dollar's worth of beans
You got no money to pay your bills
If the landlord don't get you, then the taxes will.

A woman's lot is a sorry one
You gotta count calories and that ain't fun
You gotta wear a girdle, just to please him
You gotta stay neat and you gotta stay trim.

You gain sixteen pounds and whadda ya get
Another dirty look from your old man, yet
St. Peter don't call me, 'cause I can't go
I'm gettin' too heavy to pass thru the door.

Note: *=GOld meaning 'Gold Brand Flour'???