montana patsy - "renfro valley-crd"


Subject: Renfro Valley

"Renfro Valley" by John Lair - M. M. Cole as sung by Patsy Montana.
Transposed from "The Cowboy's Sweetheart" cd, Rounder Records Corp.
Cambridge, Mass.

Renfro Valley

[C] I was born in Renfro Valley
But I drifted far a- [G7] way
[C] I came back to see the old home
[G7] And my friends of other [C] days [C7]
[F] Gone are old familiar [C] faces
All my friends I used to [G7] know
[C] Things have changed in Renfro Valley
[G7] Since the days of long a- [C] go

[C] Others own the old plantation
I can't call it home no [G7] more
[C] Other folks are at the fireside
[G7] Other children 'round the [C] door [C7}
[F] Other voices sing the [C] old songs
When the evening sun is [G7] low
[C] Mother sang in Renfro Valley
[G7} In the days of long a-[C] go

[C] Take me back to Renfro Valley
When I'm free from earthly [G7] cares
[C] Lay me down by Dad and Mother
[G7] Let me sleep forever [C] there [C7]
[F] When it's springtime in the [C] mountains
And the dogwood blossom [G7] blows
[C] We'll be back in Renfro Valley
[G7] As in days of long a-[C] go

Jeanie Ramos
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