morgan craig - "almost home4-crd"


Subject: Song name:Almost Home Artist:Craig Mrogan

Artist: Craig Morgan
Song Title: Almost Home

transcription with changes)

[Ab]He had[Db] plastic bags wrapped round his shoes
He was covered with the evening news
Had a[Ab] pair of old wool socks on his hands
The banks[Db] sign was flashing five below
It was freezing rain, spitting snow
He was[Ab] curled up behind some garbage cans

[Cm]I was afraid that he was dead
I[Db] gave him a gentle shake
[Cm]When he opened up his eyes I said
Oh[Db] man are you o[Eb]k? He said,

I just climbed out of a[Db] cottonwood tree
I was running from[Ab] some honey bees
Drip drying in the[Db] summer breeze
After jumping in the[Eb] Calico Creek

I was walking down a[Db] old dirt road
Past a field of hay that had[Ab] just been mowed
[Fm]Man I wished you had just left[Db] me alone
[Eb]Cause I was almost[Ab] home

[Ab]Then he said[Db] Ise just coming around the barn
Bout the time you grabbed my arm
When[Ab] I heard mama holler hurry up
I was[Db] close enough for my own nose
To smell fresh cobbler on the stove
And[Ab] I saw Daddy loading up the truck

[Cm]Cane poles on the tail gate
[Db]Bobbers blowing in the wind
[Cm]Since July of 55 that's as[Db] close as I've[Eb] been

Yea I

I[Cm] said Old man your going to freeze to death
Let me[Fm] drive you to the mission
He said[Db] boy if you'd left me alone
Right[Eb] now I'd be fishing