morgan lorrie - "standing tall-crd"


Subject: Song: Standing Tall (Lorrie Morgan)

{title:Standing Tall}
{st:Lorrie Morgan}

{c:Intro A D A D}

[A]Everything I've tried to do for you [D]has always turned out [A]wrong
[A]It dook a lot of love insi[F#m]of me [B7] to keep me here this [E]long
[A]It's too late to dim the lights again [D]expecting me to call[B7]
[A]Cause tonight [D]I'm gonna [A]leave you[D] and I'm [E]leavin' standin' [A]tall

If I could see inside your mind I wonder what I'd find
There's somethin' there thats made me come os so clost to losin' mine
The tallest tree will sometimes bend oh but that won't make it fall
I'm packin' it up to leave you and I'm leavin' standin' tall

Now I'm [A]pickin up the pieces of the [D]heart that you've been [A]breakin'
And I'm [A]down on my [F#m]knees just to [B7]try and find them [E]all
And when [A]I get up one long last look is [D]all that I'll be [B7]takin'
Cause ton[A]ight I'[D]m finally [A]leavin' [D]and I'm [E]leavin' standin' [F#m]tall
Yea tonight [A] I'm [D]gonna le[A]ave [D]you and I'm [E]leavin' standin' [A]tall