morris r b - "old copper penny-crd"


Subject: Old Copper Penny by R.B. Morris

I wrote the the songwriter and he e-mailed this to me himself. I sent
him a reply asking if I could post it and he said "sure." I told him I
was a beginner so he just sent the chords. Thanks, Athena
Singer/Songwriter: R.B.Morris Crowd Around the Mic Volumn III (public
radio station WNCW) Old Copper Penny (key of C)

C F (but just the first 3 strings)
I'm like an old copper penny by the side of the road

Nobody wants me, I've no one to hold

F (3 strings)
But everyone sees me, they walk right on by

Just like I ain't worth a dime

Chorus: But I'm heads up and happy and I'm ready to roll

E Am
I know I'm not silver, I know I'm not gold

F C Em Am F(3strings
But I'm good luck to whoever holds an old copper

penny like me

(repeat for last chorus)

F(3 strings)G C
I said an old copper penny like me

F(3 strings)G C F(3strings) G C GC
I said an old copper penny like me

Athena, I hope this makes sense. The F chord with 3 strings may actually
be a D6 or something, I'm not sure, but you play it just as if you're
making an F but leave your ring finger off the D string in the 3rd fret.
You play the D string open and don't even play the two bass strings (E &
A). At the other times I list F you play a full F hitting all the strings
if you bar it. I believe once you get the first verse the others will be
easy, the words are easy enough to hear I hope and you can feel where the
changes come. Good luck and thanks again for the interest. Copper Penny
is my most asked about song... RB