Mark Chesnutt - "Old Flames Have New Names"

notated by Greg Vaughn

Bright Western Swing
Intro: E/E/A/A/E/B7/E/E/

1. I left town two years ago and moved on up to Idaho
2. My sexy little dirt road sport is now called Mrs. Davenport

E B7 E
1. But swore that I'd be back again pick up where I left off, oh man
2. My pretty little black-eyed Suzy's now Ms. Susan Van der Hoosie

1. Left behind some lovely ladies, grown up sexy Texas babies
2. Rosie, who could blow my mind is Sister Rose on channel 9

E B7 E A7 E
1. I got back in town tonight an-tic-i-pat-ing much delight
2. The wildest lover of my life is now a federal judges wife

A7 E
1. I pulled out my black book and called up my old lovers
2. They don't want to recognize this old familiar face

F#7 B
1. Well, I got five newlyweds and two expectant mothers
2. I'm just a bad reminder of the wild and wooly days

E A7
All my old flames have new names
Well, there's a lot of girls in town
F#7 B
Who tied the knot and settled down
I thought I'd start a fire
A A#dim7 (x12020)
With some of my old flames
But they've all got new names