Mark Chesnutt - "A Little Too Late"

Words and music by M. Chestnut, R. Springer and S. Morrisette

[A] Well, early this mornin' it dawned on me ---
The kind of man she needed me to [E] be
She made a list and laid it there beside me - on the bed
Now [D] what I should a done keeps a-runnin' through my [E] head

(1-Well), (2-Oh!), (3-But),
I [A] shoulda done this and I shoulda done that
I shoulda been there and she'd never left
I shoulda been [E] hangin' onto ev'ry word she had to [A] say
But, it's a little too late, she's a little too gone
She's a little too right, I'm a little too wrong
Now would [E] be a good time to change, but it's a little too [A] late.

Last night I came home at a quarter to three ---
And to my surprise she wasn't mad at me
I thought she'd finally realized not to worry - I'd be home
And then I realized this mornin' she was gone.



Right now would be the time to change
But It's a little too late.