Roy Acuff - "That Glory Bound Train"

That Glory Bound Train

Writers: Roy Acuff & Odell McLeod

Key of A

Verse one:
(A) Come and listen won't you brother,
Have you heard or don't you know,
There's a train that's bound for glory,
Will you (E7) ride it when it (A) goes.

(A) Has your ticket yet been purchased for that Glory bound train,
Oh will you ride, **(that Glory bound train),
Oh will you ride, **(that Glory bound train),
Will you ride that train to (E7) Glory bye and (A) bye.
**(Note: harmony singers add this line each time)**

Verse two:
Have you made all preparations,
Reservations all complete,
When you hear that whistle blowing,
Will you be there at your seat.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse three:
Oh the headlight will be gleamin', Jesus is the engineer,
Will you ride his train to glory, or will he leave you here.

Repeat chorus:

Verse four:
When it's golden bell starts ringin', swinging on that golden cord,
Will you have your ticket ready when you hear that, All Aboard.

Repeat chorus:

Verse five:
When you hear it in the distance, hear it's mighty drivers roll,
Just a little while to tarry, then we'll walk the streets of gold.

Repeat chorus: