Johnny Cash – “Hurt”


Hurt-Johnny Cash
American Recordings IV: The Man Comes Around
Written by Trent Rezner

Intro: Am C Dsus2
Note: Play the 2 base notes then strum the rest of the chord for verse and
Note: On Chorus hold down the high E on the 3rd fret during each chord

C Dsus2 Am
I hurt myself today,
C Dsus2 Am
to see if i still feel,
C Dsus2 Am
I focus on the pain,
C Dsus2 Am
the only thing thats real,
C Dsus2 Am
The needle tears a hole,
C Dsus2 Am
the old familiar sting,
C Dsus2 Am
try to kill it all away,
C Dsus2 G
but I remember everything,

A7sus4 Fadd9 C G
what have I become,my sweetest friend,
A7sus4 Fadd9 C G
everyone i know,goes away in the end,
A7sus4 Fadd9 G
and you could have it all,my empire of dirt,
A7sus4 Fadd9 C G
I will let you down,I will make you hurt,

I wear this crown of thorns,upon my liars chair,
full of broken thoughts,I cannot repair,
beneath the stains of time,the feelings dissapear,
you are someone else,I am still right here,


End of 2nd Chorus
A7sus4 Fadd9 C G
if I could start again,a million miles away,
A7sus4 Fadd9 C
I will keep myself,I would find a way,

Verse Chords:
Am 002210
C X32010
Dsus2 XX0230

Chorus Chords:
G 320033
A7sus4 002233
Fadd9 X03213
C X32013