Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood - "A World Without You"

A World Without You
Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood

{D}I can see a {Am}world, {C}where there is no {G}fear
{D}Where envy and {Am}hatred, {C}has long {Em}disappeared
I can {D}see a {Am}day, to {C}look forward {Am}to
{D}But I can't see a {Am}world without {D}you

{D}I can see a {Am}world, {C}where war has no {G}use
{D}A time that is {Am}kind, {C}that knows no {Em}abuse
Where {D}children are {Am}safe do, {C}what children {Am}do
{D}But I can't see a {Am}world without {D}you

(chorus: trisha)
{Em}I can see that {D}you're the one {Em}who brings out in {Am}me
{Em}All the things {D}I thought were gone {Em}and all I can {Am}be

{D}Now I can see a {Am}world {C}where dreams do come {G}true
{D}But I can't see a {Am}world without {D}you

{D}I can see a {Am}world, {C}with justice for {G}all
{D}There will be {Am}room, {C}for those great and {Em}small
With {D}enough for {Am}everyone, not just the {C}fortunate {G}few
{D}I can't see a {Am}world without {D}you

(chorus: garth)
{D}I can see the greatest {Am}gift {C}that I got from {G}you
{D}Finding out there's {Am}not a thing that love cannot {D}do

(tag: both)
{D}I can see a {Am}world that {C}may never come {G}true
But {D}I can't see a {Am}world