Chad Brock - "A Man's Gotta Do (What A Man's Gotta Do)"

Intro: A - F#m - D

A f#m D
Late for work for the third time this week.
A f#m D
Babies crying didn't get a bit of sleep,
A f#m E
This family life ain't all it's cracked up to be,

A F#m D
Maybe I made a big mistake,
A F#m D
But we're still young and it's not too late
A F#m E / Esus / E
To come out and tell her I got to be free

A man's gotta do what a mans gotta do,
F#m E
On the road to life seek his own truth,
Take a stand, draw the line
F#m E
We don't have but so much time,
F#m E
You die when you die, you live how you chose
A man's gotta do what a mans gotta do

All the way home twisting my ring
Passed the house gotta have a couple drinks,
Ask my friends what they think I outta do

Supper's waiting like it always is
But that's just something I'm gonna have to miss
I need some time to think this through

(go to chorus)


G D Dm A
I came home at midnight, and opened up the door
G D Dm A
Everyone was sleepin so I tip-toed across the floor
G Bm Dm A
Stopped at his cradle and watched my baby sleep
F#m E D
I swore to him and Jesus that I'd never leave

(go to chorus)