Clint Black - "Live And Learn"

Live And Learn

Writer: Clint Black

I've tried living it risky
Relying on women and whiskey
To chase my blues
Turn my nights to days
First rage only a past time
With age more then a lifetime
F# 7 Bm
Day in and day out the world just turns away

Em Bm
(Chorus)But everybody knows you live and you learn
Em Bm
But the lessons just go on and on
Em Bm
I guess were gonna have to wait for all the pages to turn
Em G F#7
To find out if its right or if its wrong
You live and learn
I've stopped looking for questions
I've got only suggestions
F#7 Bm
Black and white can only turn to gray
In time were all gonna find out
Our times all gonna wind out
F#7 Bm
Just count down until that Judgement Day
(chorus) Lead

You live and learn (repeat twice)