Clint Black - "One Emotion"

One Emotion

Writer: Clint Black

Intro: A, A/C#, D, E, A, F#m, B7, E,

(A)Looking for the(A/C#)feelings that

(D)used to tell me something's wrong,

(A)like all the(A/C#)doubts when love sent

(D)shivers down my spine(E),

(A)but all I'm(A/C#)feeling is(D)

pure and simply, we belong__.

(A)and what's come o(F#m)ver me are chills(Bm7)

of anoth(E)er kind__.


(A)One emo(A/C#)tion, (D)wrapped a(Bm)round me;

(A)one emo(F#m)tion I can(Bm7)hold on to(E),

(A)where ever it's(A/C#)going, it's ex(D)actly where

I(Dm)want to be_____(A)

one emo(F#m)tion's got a hold__(Bm7)

of(E)you and(A)me.

A/C#, D, E,

There's nothing left of the useless things I used to feel;
Only love now, as everything else just fades away,
It's all around us, though you might not see it,
it's just as real, As the wild horses you would
have to have to drag me away from......

repeat chorus:

(A/C#)Ex(D)actly where I want(Dm)to be;_____________

(A)one emo(F#m)tion's got a hold(Bm7)of(E)you

and___(A)me. (A/C#) (D) (E) (A)

I love this beat and the chords are great, it's very different..enjoy..