John Berry - "Change My Mind"


Change My Mind
Sung By. John Berry
is a real treat>
Capo 3 Fret

I don't want to lose you, but even a fool can see
Everyday your love is slippin a little bit further away from
So I'll be the one to say good-bye cause yoru hearts already
pack my bags take the midnight train unless you say I'm wrong

Change my mind say you couldn't live without me
Say you're crazy about me with a look with a touch
Change my mind lookin in your eyes for the love we left
It's not too late to change my mind

Somethings come between us, it's not another lover
Seems one night we just stopped trying to please each other
If it's really over why can't I walk away
Tell me I'm making a big mistake beg me to stay

Give me half a reason to give it one more try
We could leave this leaving behind