montgomery john michael - "be my baby tonight"


This is a really good song and it's almost identical guitar wise to
Cowboy Love, especially during the chorus. But anyway JMM is my
favourite and if anybody wants to trade some his songs or needs help
with a song feel free to e-mail me @
[email protected]

Be My Baby Tonight
John Michael Montgomery Kick'n It Up

I know you heard that worn out line [A]
About love at first sight [A]
Well, I never knew those words were true [A]
'Til you walked in tonight [E]
All it took was just one look [A]
To knock me off of my feet [D A]
I'm not a man of many words [A]
So I'll make this short and sweet [E A]

Could you, would you, ain't you gonna [D]
If I ask you, would you wanna, be my baby tonight [A]
Well I'll take a chance, slow dance, [E]
Make a little romance, honey, it'll be alright [A]
Girl, you got me wishing , we were huggin and kissin [D]
And holding each other tight [A D]
So, Could you, would you, ain't you gonna [A]
If I asked you, would you wanna... be my baby tonight [E]

I'm not trying to come on like some rhinestone Romeo [A]
I'm lookin' for a whole lot more [A]
Than a one night rodeo [A E]
What can I do to prove to you [A]
I'm layin' it on the line [A D]
I'll even get down on my knees [A]
Just to beg you one more time [E A]



Yeah could you, would you, ain't you gonna [A]
If I asked you would you wanna... Be my Baby Tonight [E]