Dolly Parton - "Little Blossom"

Oh (D) dear I'm so tired and so (A) lonesome
I (A) wonder why Mama don't (D) come
She (D) told me to close my (G) pretty blue (Em) eyes
And (A) when I awoke she'd be (D) home

I guess I'll go out and find Papa
He must have stopped in at the store
That great long room filled with bottles
I wish He'd go there no more

Sometimes he's so sick when he comes home
He staggers and falls on the stairs
And once when he came in the parlor
He kicked at my poor little chair

But I love him I guess I'll go find him
For I know he will gladly come home
And then it won't be dark and lonesome
Awaiting for Mama to come

Oh Papa, she cried, when she reached him
Her vouce rippling out sweet and clear
I thought if I come I would find him
And now I am glad I am here

A moment the red eye gazed wildly
Into the face sweet and fair
And just as the demon had possessed him
He grabbed off the back of a chair

In a moment the whole thing was over
The work of his feat was complete
And poor little innocent Blossom
Lay broken and crushed at his feet

He pressed the bright form to his bosom
And lifted the sweet curly head
A moment the baby's lips trembled
And poor Little Blossom was dead

God pity men, women and children
Who are crushed by this evil ruin
May the passports of joy be united
Fight hard til deliverance has come

And Mama was all pale and frightened
And held me close to her breast
She called me her dear Little Blossom
And I guess I've forgotten the rest