Mac Wiseman - "Legend of the Haunted Woods"

[D] In olden times, there was a river
Run be-[G] tween two mountain [D] walls
And the [G] place from where it [D] started
Was a [A7] place called Haunted [D] Falls.

[D] On the waters of this river
Sailed man-[G] y a light can-[D] oe
And the [G] stream, it danced about [D] them
When the [A7] summer skies were [D] blue.

On its banks there lived a white man
With his wife and children, three
And their shouts of pain and sorrow
Echoed with their shouts of glee.

To the little town, the father
For the mail, one day had gone
Left his wife and loving babies
For one quiet hour alone.

Hark! the sound of tramping horses
Sends the mother, turned to fright
Just in time to draw the doorbolt
When four indians rode in sight.

[E] Then she quickly kissed the children
Bade them [A] neither speak nor [E] cry
Placed them [A] in a secret [E] closet
Then pre-[B7] pared herself to [E] die.

[E] With one cruel push, the captain
Flung the [A] bolt from off the [E] door
Grabbed her [A] by her long, brown [E] tresses
Dragged her [B7] to river [E] shore.

There they sang and danced about her
Paid no heed to her pitious cry
Threw her on the rocks beneath them
Then in agony, she died.

Was revenge that they had wanted
Was revenge they had found
When they burned those weeping babies
With the dwelling, to the ground.

Now an old man sadly wanders
'Round the place where the dwelling stood
And the people of that city
Call that place, - The - Haunted - Woods.

SOURCE: Mac Wiseman-Songs of the Dear Old Days
DOT Records/Hamilton HLP-167