Dolly Parton - "A Few Old Memories"

A few Old Memories
(3/4 Time)
Verse One:
(D)Just a few old memories, slipped in thru my(G)door.
When I (D)thought I had closed it, so tightly
(A)before. I can't understand(D) it, why it should
bother my (G) mind, for they all (D)belong to
(A)another place and(D)time.

Chorus: (D) Just a few old keepsakes, way back on
the(G) shelf. Well they (D)don't mean nothing, I,m
surprised they're still(A)left. Just a few old love
(D)letters, with their edges all (G)brown, and an old
faded (D)picture, I keep (A)turned upside (D) down.

Verse Two:
(D)Just a few old memories, going way back in (G)time.
I can (D)hardly remember, don't know why I'm
I can't under(D)stand it, I'm surprised at (G)myself,
first thing tomorrow (D)morning, I'll(A) clean
off this (D)shelf.


Tag:And an old faded picture, I keep turned upside