Gary Allan - "Forever And A Day"


Recorded by Gary Allan
Written by Jim Lauderdale and Frank Dycus

[E] They say nothin' last forever, honey, I [B7] got news
Whoever said that never got the [E] blues from you
This cloud I'm under looks like it's [A] gonna stay
The [E] thunder's gonna roll Forever [B7] And A [E] Day.

Well, nothin's gonna change the way I think and feel
My heart it's so heavy and my faith is stilled
Oh! stop this misery every night I pray
Knowin' that it's ever, ever and a day.

[B7] Forever [E] And A Day
[B7] You're stuck here in my [E] mind
[B7] Forever [E] And A Day
It's [A] such a [B7] long, long [E] time.

I tell myself again that I just can't swim
This river of regret that I'm drownin' in
You left me with this feelin' that I just can't shake
I fear it's gonna stay Forever And A Day.

Repeat refrain twice:

TAG: It's such a long, long time.